• Helping You Build Wealth Through Real Estate

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Buying Real Estate can be exciting and overwhelming. Having the right Real Estate Team on your side is the key to navigating this experience. With the Dosramos Team you get experienced agents and our secret weapon for buyers…a custom home builder/renovator with a Master Contractor License!

Wouldn’t you want to have Real Estate Agent and a Contractor to help you investigate the home with you? We can tell you the current market value of properties, the potential renovation/upgrade costs as well as the value after renovations!

This makes the home buying experience easy and enjoyable for our buyers. Contact us today to setup your free strategy meeting to discuss your real estate needs, goals and dreams!

Why Buyers Choose Us!

Secret sauce
  • Over 425 agents within our office that we will utilize to get
    any new inventory before the public
  • We contact the top 25 listings agents locally and discuss
    potential “pocket listings”
  • Over 18,000 agents nationally & we ate #1 in Canada.
  • Prospect/ Door knock the neighbourhood you are focusing
    on identify sellers not on market yet
  • Create a “Computerized Automatic Buyer Search Program”
Our Personal Touch
  • Thoroughly understand your needs for your new home
  • Do an initial search of existing home for sale that meet your
  • Conduct an ongoing pricing analysis to ensure the most
    economical purchase possible
  • Preview properties regularly to help save you time
  • Contact the listings agent to gather detail on qualified
  • Research all for sale by Owners, expired listings, and
    cancelled listings for potential matches
  • If you have not purchased within two weeks, we conduct a full
    consultation interview with you to re-evaluate our strategy
Our services
  • Professional high performing team of experts
  • Assist you in arranging financing, appraisals & inspection.
  • Represent you on all offers presentations to ensure best
    price negotiations & terms for you
  • We provide you with a list of all potential closing costs
  • We create the purchase contract & arrange for it be
  • Advise you as to the most advantageous offer strategy
    prior to preparing your offers (E.g. unique terms and

The Buying Process

Buying Flow Chart 2


Buying your dream home or investment property is a large financial commitment. Before we start looking for a home we have a strategy meeting to layout our blue print to ensure that your real estate goals can be achieved.

Getting a mortgage pre-approval should always be done before you start your search. This ensures that when we find that perfect property you are able to buy with confidence! Getting a mortgage pre-approval is a step we can help you get started with!

Finding the Right Property

When buying with the Dosramos Team we have a unique strategy to save you time and money! To find out about the service packages that we have please contact us right away. No other agent does what we do!

We will view every property with you during your search, but more importantly we will pre-screen properties and neighbourhoods for you. Ensuring that your time is not wasted by a house that does not meet your criteria. This is why we always have a strategy meeting in the beginning to set the guidelines of what you need and want.

Also, during viewings of properties we will evaluate the cost of any potential renovations you may be interested in doing as well as the future value of the home. This is the benefit to having a Master Licensed Home Builder on your Team.

Along with renovation costs, we have the ability to leverage our construction expertise to negotiate an amazing price for our clients. This has resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars being saved by our buyers!!

We also have the ability and passion for Investing in real estate. We can show you strategies to create rental properties that will generate positive cash flow, with amazing tenants in areas that will constantly earn you massive ROI (return on investment). Our true passion is; Helping you Build Wealth Through Real Estate.

Making an Offer

When we find the perfect property the next step is to put in our offer. We will make a recommendation on the best negotiating approach and price. Sometimes that may be a lowball offer, sometimes it’s a full price offer. Ultimately the current market conditions will determine the fair price for the property.

Our priority is to get you the perfect house for the absolutely best price!

An offer which is considered “clean” has no conditions. If you have received your preapproval prior to starting the process we usually do not recommend putting a financing condition. With any major purchase you should always involve a few key partners to investigate the property.

We like to have Brian and a home inspector go through the property before you purchase. This would be a “Home inspection condition”.

This is a good idea as it will allow us to review the home one last time to ensure that there is no hidden issues. If something is found it gives us negotiating power to get the price down.

We will do all of the negotiating to get you the best price. Just sit back and enjoy the process!

Closing the Deal

After the offer goes “firm” we are still here for you. We always ensure we negotiate a re-visit so that we can go in with you a few days before the closing to ensure that the home and that all appliances are in good working condition and that nothing has changed since our home inspection. If there is an issue, we will communicate the items with all parties and the lawyers to ensure that you are always protected.

If you need a moving company, lawyer, trades professionals or anything else we are well contacted and have a huge database of professionals we can provide you.

Once the deal closes and you get the keys, we are still here for you! If you have a questions or need any help from us we are always a phone call away.