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New Listings for Detached Houses for Sale in Burlington

Burlington has been featured in the top 10 best cities to live in Canada. It is located between Toronto and Hamilton. The commuter friendly location makes it a popular choice to live among both commuters and families. With a combined experience of over 20 years of realtor experience, the DosRamos team is one of the best realtor teams in Burlington. Sita and Brain has helped many new families settle in Burlington. We have also helped many people sell their homes at a great price in Burlington.

Many new buyers always want to discuss about their housing options. There are various choices available for buyers in Burlington. For growing families, we always recommend detached houses. There are many advantages to owning a detached house in Burlington. Some of them are;

  • Highest increase in value overtime: The real estate market of GTA has seen enormous growth in the past years. A detached house in Burlington increases in market value annually. Detached houses are of the most easiest and quickest to sell. With the current market trends you will also make a decent profit on your investment.
  • Privacy and charm: Burlington is a beautiful town, with charming neighborhoods. Detached houses afford all the privacy and security for a family. With a backyard with mature trees young minds have ample and opportunities to grow and enjoy their time as a family. Your kids can run around and make noise, without you being worried noise travelling through walls. There are no shared walls, so you will enjoy your own routine and your own quiet time.
  • Plenty of natural light and warmth: since detached houses do not share any walls, there are plenty of windows to bring in natural light. Windows and well light areas makes the house appear more welcoming and cozy for its inhabitants and their guests.
  • Highest number of selection available: detached houses have always been very popular in Burlington. For buyers there is a wide array of selection choices. You can buy a 1500-2000 sq feet house or go as big as 5000 sq ft and beyond. There are various floor plans and lay out for detached houses in Burlington, which makes the most versatile choice for buyers.
  • Potential for second income: When clients are looking to buy an investment property we always recommend buy a detached house in Burlington. These houses have the highest rental rates and you can also rent them as two separate units- upper house as one and basement as another unit. You can enjoy a steady monthly income from your investment and also enjoy an increase in the value of your property.
  • Customizable for all your needs: A detached house has the space to allow you to customize it, however you want it. You want to have a dedicated weight room in your garage you can have it! You want to have a separate shed or a craft room in your backyard, you can build it. Since it’s a stand -alone structure, you do not need to worry about permissions from neighbors. You can add or remove a room, if you want.

Many people looking to settle their growing families in Burlington ask us about neighborhoods. Some of the most popular neighborhoods are Aldershot South, Maple and Central. We have many listings for houses for sale in these Burlington neighborhoods.  The average price ranges for a detached home in these neighborhoods are from 700k to above 1 million. We have helped many people find a perfectly suitable home for them and their family, while staying true to their budget. There are 84 elementary and 18 secondary schools serving the Burlington population of about 200k people.

There is a detached house for sale in Burlington which is perfect for you and your family. Dos Ramos realtor team will find it for you. For current listings, price trends and neighborhood information, visit our buyers section. Call us for more information any of the listed properties.




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